ISSC Loans Shooting Ranges [Not a Glock] M22s for Beginners

So, you want a Glock. But you don’t want a Glock. But you do. But you don’t. So you could buy one of ISSC-Austria’s M22 range pistols instead. After all, “the M22 brings you handling and performance that is closer to the modern defensive handgun than any other rimfire pistol.” And that’s saying something, I think. Well, it is if you’re a cheapskate; .22LR ammo doesn’t cost much more than Cheerios. So Mr. Schnup, ISSC wants you to NOT buy a Glock and convert it to .22. Buy an M22 instead. Still not convinced? We’re talking “extreme accuracy” thanks to the combination of a Lothar Walther match barrel and an extremely crisp, 4-lb single-action trigger and adjustable sights.” To check it out, head on down to your local range, where they’ve just taken delivery on some free M22s to lure unsuspecting non-Glock owners into purchasing one. An M22. Not a Glock. Anyway, what’s the bet the rental’s not free? Still, I like the one-eyed smiley face barrel.


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