Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: DEMCAD

I’m sorry I have to do this. I’m delighted to find an African American defending Second Amendment rights. DEMCAD’s opening arguments are nothing new: guns don’t kill people )people who say guns don’t kill people with guns kill people with guns who are trying to kill them). Dictators heart a disarmed populace. Those of you who’ve HIAB (Heard It All Before) are advised to skip ahead to 2:58. DEMCAD struggles with the Mossberg’s safety—clearly unaware which position indicates safe (backwards). He looks at the gun with bewilderment, and then racks the weapon to prove it’s empty. Uh-oh.

At 5:31 DEMCAD asks about home defense shotgun rounds. Holy shit, is that a brace of bullet bandoliers? DEMCAD fesses up to his ignorance on the stopping power and penetration issues surrounding shotgun shells—even as his finger relentlessly probes an empty casing slot (ew).

This is not good. First, whoever sold DEMCAD his weapons stands accused (here) or dereliction of duty. In RI, buyers have to sign a form that swears to the fact that the gun shop owner explained all the gun’s safety features. Needless to say, no such thing occurs. But it damn well should. I don’t know how a gun dealer can sleep at night wondering if his customers know enough about their new guns to keep and use it safely. I guess they don’t. Wonder, that is.

Second, forget those stupid cable locks. Why don’t all guns come with snap caps or dummy shells? Again, if I were selling guns to people who weren’t expert in the ways of firearms (discovered through a few simple questions), I’d throw in some inert ammo, guide them through the proper procedures, give them the practice ammo and tell them to practice.

Still, third, and there’s no getting around this, it’s the gun owner’s responsibility to know WTF they’re doing with their guns. BEFORE they feed them ammo. While you might applaud DEMCAD for using YouTube to ask for expert advise on Glock cleaning and shot shell selection, I don’t. The information is already out there. Google “home defense shotgun” FFS. DEMCAD should have done his research quietly, in the privacy of his own home.

And then gone to a gun range.

I’ve never been to a range yet where there wasn’t a professional ready, willing and able to help a newbie achieve basic proficiency and/or learn safe gun handling skills. Gun safety courses are available across the length and breadth of this great nation, and they cost a lot less than those shells hanging off of DEMCAD’s door.

Anyone who ignores their responsibility to learn basic gun safety is an irresponsible gun owner. Period. In fact, I’ll go beyond that. Any gun owner who doesn’t think through their home defense strategy is also irresponsible. They should have a weapon AND a plan on how they might—operative word “might”—use it.

DEMCAD’s right: guns are tools. But so are people who buy them without FIRST learning how to respect their power.