Saturday Evening Post: My Father’s Gun

In honor of tomorrow’s celebration of dad-hood (and an acknowledgement and anticipation of all the bad ties, questionable after shaves, and lopsided, handmade ashtrays we fathers will see tomorrow), here’s a recording of Elton John’s “My Father’s Gun.” Given his well-documented preferences, not sure Sir Elton will ever become a father (although I know some people who know some people that known him who insist he can be a real mother at times), but the song is interesting, nonetheless. Enjoy!


About Brad Kozak

Brad Kozak is an iconoclastic, curmudgeonly graphic designer/marketer/writer/musician/advertiser/conservative creative guy. In 2007, he completed a gradual transition from a conservative semi-pacifist to a proactive, armed citizen, willing to exercise his Second Amendment rights to protect his family and property. His idea of “gun control” is hitting where he aims.

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