John R. Lott, Jr: Calderon’s False Statements On Guns

In an editorial for Investors Business Daily, “More Guns, Less Crime” author John R. Lott, Jr. responds to Mexican President Felipe Calerdon’s ridiculous and insulting comments regarding Arizona’s new illegal alien law. Some of Lott’s arguments bear consideration. {Ed: All Americans have the right to bear consideration.] For example, Lott points out that the “real” military weapons (as […]

Leaving Home – Chapter Three

I learned to be a sailor, cruising the azul Atlantic waters down the coast of Portugal and crossing the Mediterranean. My Quartermaster title did not absolve me of any crew duties. First Mate Piest made certain of that. There were twelve of us at his command. He rotated us through every duty station in eight-hour […]

Susan Estrich: Guns and Drugs

Susan Estrich and I walk paths on opposite sides of the great political divide. Although I disagree with some of her assumptions, I find her ideas are often logical and her columns insightful. Her thoughts on guns and drugs are no exception. We are the ones to whom they sell the drugs. It is American […]

The Associated Press: The M-4 Sucks in Afghanistan

AP writer Slobodan Lekic’s semi-cogent article the suitability of the M-4 in Afghanistan misses the point. Actually, it lacks one. Was he trying to introduce the Army’s new policy of having nine M-110 SASS equipped “sharpshooters” in each company? Suggesting that the U.S. military is fighting the Afghanistan war with the wrong weapons (a point he contradicts when he […]

Leaving Home – Chapter Two

Everything I can remember about Portugal is what I could see from the boat: the hulls of freighters bleeding rust tied alongside us, to a battered old dock. The Neko II stood out from the rest. Her Angelique Teak hull, soaring masts and traditional rigging accentuated her sleek beauty. She stretched 94 feet in the […]

Austin Police Raid Basement – I Mean Bunker

Is Jose Del Rio of East Austin, Texas, a heroic defender of the Second Amendment or paranoid schizophrenic? His neighbors thought the 70-year-old wildcatter was a nuisance for building a multilevel “basement” under his 586 square foot castle. Complaints led to a search warrant and a sweep of the property by a police SWAT team, […]

Leaving Home – Chapter One

When I think of home in 1967, I remember everything in the muted colors of my mother’s faded Polaroid snapshots. I can still smell burned thermite from the flashbulbs on her Land Camera and hear her tearing the image away from the film back. I was only home ten days after I graduated from college […]

Editorial: Pistolization? Pistolize this!

Do you feel pistolized? Canadian sociology professor James Sheptycki created the term “Pistolization” to describe the phenomenon of a society that integrates hand guns into commonplace daily life. It’s a more elegant and pointy-headed way of describing a society that is devolving into the Wild West. Oh, did I say America? No, but Sheptycki did. “America” […]