Sturm, Ruger Coyote Special LCP .380 Celebrates Texas Governor Perry’s Marksmanship

Last February, Texas Governor Rick Perry went for a jog with his dog. At some point, Perry shot and killed a coyote with his laser-sighted Sturm, Ruger & Co. LCP .380. Firing hollow points, apparently. In defense of his dog, also apparently. Quite why Perry’s two security guys (on the taxpayer’s dime) weren’t around to shoot the coyote on the Governor’s behalf, and what distance/threat level was involved, remains a mystery. But the story as told fits the “don’t mess with Texas” meme. So it remains as told. And Perry isn’t the only one cashing-in on the increasingly mythical encounter. Sturm, Ruger & Co. have created a $340 laser-less “Coyote Special” to commemorate the Governor’s pest control pistol. Looks pretty, uh, plain, doncha think? Why not replace the Ruger logo with the Lone Star State state seal or . . . something? ‘Cause it’s only $30 more than the plain Jane pocket pistol. Anyway, wait ’til you see the other side!

“A True Texan”? As opposed to what, a fake Texan? Like, I dunno, illegal immigrants living in Texas? Think I’m being mean spirited? The packaging displays a stamp warning that the gun is for sale to Texans only. I wonder what ID the buyer needs to provide. Driver’s license? Gas bill? Green card? Or just some dead presidents (likely). Anyway, the real artistry in on the top of the gun. And here’s the money shot: a coyote howling at the moon—moments before some Ruger-equipped “real” Texan puts a thirty-eight into its cranium, presumably.

The Lone Star is a nice touch, although a lucky star for quadrapeds it ain’t. Governor’s dog excepted. Oh, and MSNBC reports that RIck thinks the gun rocks.

The governor even has one, and “thinks it’s a great gun,” his spokeswoman Allison Castle said. She did not say if it was a gift or if he purchased one.

[Thanks to Sharp Shooters Knife & Gun in Lubbock (806 791 1231) for the pics]