A letter to the editor from Zoher Bharmal, published in the Dallas News.

Rioting over harsh austerity measures in Greece left three people dead. It is disgusting to see people of developed nations indulge in rioting over temporary austerity measures when starvation, frugal living, austerity, high gasoline and food prices is a way of life for billions of people on this planet.

Some people in Third World countries have never tasted Coke or sat in a car or used a telephone. Yet they do not indulge in rioting and are extremely tolerant to their chronic poverty.

With millions of people owning handguns in America, it is scary to think what blood bath could flow in this country if austerity measures were forced upon the people.

Not to mention hunting rifles, modern sporting rifles and shotguns. Or our collective tendency not to take to the streets. Until we do. If we do. And isn’t this exactly backwards? I thought the whole point of the Tea Party was to take the streets (well, parks, public spaces and voting booths) to impose austerity measures on a federal government run amok.

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