Tennessee “Guns in Bars” Bill Nothing of the Sort

The Memphis Commercial Appeal has a bee in its bonnet re: the “guns in bars” legislation heading towards approval. They’re pissed at the state legislature’s likely override of the governor’s veto of HB0233, which would allow the state’s 270,000 concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapon into a bar or restaurant serving booze—unless the establishment’s owner […]

Philippine Gun Ban is Go

As TTAG predicted, the Philippine government is moving to extend its temporary, election-related gun ban to infinity—and beyond! The state-dominated media is, surprise, lining up behind the idea. “We believe that the enforcement of the proposed gun ban would help correct the culture of violence and lawlessness and pave the way to peace and law and […]

Finland’s Spree Killings Trigger Gun Control Debate

Last New Year’s Eve, Ibrahim Shkupolli stabbed his ex-lover, gunned down four of her colleagues at a Finnish shopping mall, and then turned the gun on himself. Shkupolli fired 10 shots from a pistol that had been stolen from a gun shop in Norway in 1990. He was an Albanian immigrant, who’d been denied Finnish citizenship after […]

Incendiary Image of the Day: iRevolver

[Instructions here.] Gun owners—or potential gun owners—looking for the “real” iPhone of guns are directed to Brett Solomon’s review of the Ruger LCP. Meanwhile, this, which gives the iPhone a distinctly Dirty Harry vibe. So far, the Internet commentariot are fixating on the possibility that an iRevolver user could get some serious shit from the police. But […]

Sunday Book Review: The Bias Against Guns

The Bias Against Guns aims to tell us “Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Gun Control is Wrong.” Huh? Anyone who’s even glanced at More Guns, Less Crime knows that SpongeBob SquarePants is more likely to call Squidward Tentacles a bad motherfucker than John Lott is to use the word “almost” to describe a trend. “Why 76.78 […]

World First: Alligator Poacher Nailed by DNA Test

At a boat ramp at the edge of the Everglades, he saw the man lure the alligator with marshmallows, shoot it six or seven times in the head with a .22-caliber rifle and load it onto the back of his truck. “Is that legal?” the witness asked the shooter, according to an incident report by […]

Pediatrics Journal Study on Urban vs. Rural Gun Deaths Misses the Point

A reader over at citizen-times.com shares our view that the much-publicized study by Pediatrics journal—announcing that rural suicide stats equalize urban gun crime death—is a botched landing at the wrong airport. While we crunched the numbers to yield a different conclusion than the one promulgated by the press, John Orsban questions the study’s basic premise. Once […]