MicroSight Solves Target/Site Focus

Since hitting my mid-40′s, I’ve had to contend with less-than-perfect vision. It’s been a big adjustment. Glasses fog up, get in the way, and require that I hold my head just right to be able to see close-up or far away. In short, seeing with glasses is a bitch. Especially when dealing with a gun. You can see the target in focus, or the sites. But not both – at least at the same time. Until now. Watch the video for what I think is some exciting news on this very subject.


About Brad Kozak

Brad Kozak is an iconoclastic, curmudgeonly graphic designer/marketer/writer/musician/advertiser/conservative creative guy. In 2007, he completed a gradual transition from a conservative semi-pacifist to a proactive, armed citizen, willing to exercise his Second Amendment rights to protect his family and property. His idea of “gun control” is hitting where he aims.

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  1. avatarScott Feldmann says:

    Any word on commercial availability? Time frame, cost???

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