How to Fend Off Mexican Pirates

Way down Rio Grande way, the “border troubles” with our friends in Mexico are spilling out over our border. Haven’t gotten the memo? Think it’s just a couple of uppity ranchers on the border gettin’ into a little dustup with some over-zealous economically challenged Mexicans running some pot to pay the bills? Think again.  Check […]

Trunk Monkey: Best. Car. Ad. Ever.

I used to create car ads. There. I’ve admitted it. Pity there’s no Advertisers Anonymous I could go through, with a twelve-step program to atone for my sins. (“Hi. I’m Brad…and it’s been two years, six months and twelve days since I’ve directed a new or used car ad for a local dealership.” “HI, BRAD!”) Still, there […]

MicroSight Solves Target/Site Focus

Since hitting my mid-40’s, I’ve had to contend with less-than-perfect vision. It’s been a big adjustment. Glasses fog up, get in the way, and require that I hold my head just right to be able to see close-up or far away. In short, seeing with glasses is a bitch. Especially when dealing with a gun. […]

Wilson Combat Launches New Website Ahead of New 1911

Website are a bitch. A high maintenance bitch. Although TTAG is just four months old, we’re already looking at ways to refine the design and improve the site’s utility. Kinda like a gun maker trying to evolve a classic design. Which is something the folks at Wilson Combat know a thing or two about. We’re glad to […]

Die Cell Phone! Die!

How many of you have ever wanted to shoot your cell phone? I know I have. Remember what life was like before cell phones? Getting in your car meant “windshield time,” where you could be alone with your thoughts. Being “off the grid” wasn’t unusual back then – you could have hours at a time […]


So here’s the deal. One of the questions we ponder here at TTAG is stopping power. How to takedown a bad guy with one shot. You know – like the Marines. One bullet, one kill. I mean, there’s not much point in having a gun for self-defense if you have to keep pulling the trigger […]

Texas Conceal Carry News

As a service to our friends in the Lone Star State, we thought we’d pass along this little gem – a web forum dedicated exclusively to Concealed Handgun License issues, news, and stories. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and their/our (as I’m a Naturalized Texan) approach to self-defense and handgun issues is no different. Enjoy!

TTAGs Advice Column: Annie Get Your Guns!

Dear Annie: I’m a newly-single guy, who’s gone from neutral on the issue of gun ownership to a place where I now believe every responsible citizen should know how to use – and own – some kind of firearm for the purpose of self defense. But when I bring this up to the women I’m […]