Arizona Dumps Permit Requirement for Concealed Carry

Starting sometime this summer, Arizona residents will no longer need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Staring down the barrel of a Republican primary, Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1108. The bill eliminates concealed carry permit requirements for residents 21 or older, and makes a bunch of firearms instructors very, very grumpy. Previously, on who want to pack heat, Arizona required a separate background check (aside from purchase checks) and instruction classes. Arizona joins Alaska and Vermont in this laissez-faire approach to concealed carry. One step forward, one step back? “(Phoenix is the) fifth largest city in the country, and we can’t be the Wild West any longer,” said Hildy Saislow, a member of the group Arizonans for Gun Safety. “We can’t go backwards, we need to go forward.” Another critic, citizen journalist Hugh Halob, reckons the bill will make law enforcement that much harder . . .

Stopping motorists in the middle of the night has never been one of the safer things police do, and now it gets even more dangerous.

There have been a lot of justified police shootings of motorists who made a furtive movement that looked like the driver was reaching for a gun.

So imagine you are a police officer and approaching a vehicle you stopped in the middle of the night. What are you going to do?

Obviously, standing back way from the vehicle you will ask “Do you have a concealed weapon in your vehicle?’

The driver says “yes I do, officer.”

Then what? The officer has the right to ask you to surrender your weapon into his custody during the investigation or the traffic stop.

That means the driver will presumably be holding the gun out his car window to be taken by the police officer.

Imagine you having to walk up and take possession of that gun.

I would suspect many police officers will have their guns drawn and be pointing them at the driver while thy reach over to grab the driver’s gun.

What do you think are the chances some motorist will be shot by the police in this situation?

Slim? I reckon most legal gun owners would surrender their weapon easily. The question is: what’s the protocol?