U.S. Department of Education: 100 Glocks, 52 Shotguns

The Washington Post received the clarification that TTAG sought re: the number and type of Department of Education’s arsenal of firearms. And here it is: “The Office of the Inspector General has 100 special agents and each is issued a .40-caliber Glock pistol. Agents carry handguns in the regular course of their duties,” The Office of Inspector General’s Public Affairs Liaison wrote. “The planned purchase of 27 shotguns will bring the office’s total to 52. Agents carry shotguns when conducting high-risk arrest and search warrant operations, which is standard practice for law enforcement.” Catherine Grant told the WaPo that the *office’s special agents have never had to discharge their firearms in the line of duty.” The paper’s writer Valerie Strauss wonders about that: “The Web site of the inspector general’s office lists by year the many fraud and other investigations in which gun-carrying agents were involved. The list is long–but, really, do the agents need to carry guns?” No, they need a bag full of erasers and a keen eye.